The European Observatory was founded in 2008, at the end of the course of European Economic Policy held by Professor Umberto Triulzi, and is currently made up of a group of students and young graduates who carries out activities with the aim to provide insights, explanations and updates on key issues of the European Union.

From the beginning, the Observatory has chosen to focus its attention on some issues that he felt the “engines” of European policies, in particular the Economic and Monetary Union; Internal Market; Policy of Economic and Social Cohesion; Foreign Relations; and the field of

Environment and Energy Policies. To this end, it has designed synthesis of individual policies and explanatory dossier of deepening; and they were also organized seminars, conferences, lectures and outreach at some high schools in Rome and province. The goal for the Centre aims is to improve information and knowledge of  European policies among young people and students, and to create a network that allows, in their areas of interest, the exchange of  information and content of research produced also with other universities and associations.



Prof. Umberto Triulzi

Professor of Political Economy at La Sapienza


Steering Committee:

Esposito Alessandro

Lucia Franco

Giovanni De Angelis

Giulia Mirra

Veronica Di Fiore

Livio Accardo

Elena Impiccini

Chiara Ercolani

Antonio Casilli

Chiara Vetromilo

Alessia Rubini


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