This information is valid only for the company’s site and for no other that you can visit via links on this website This one also takes a cue from the recommendation n. 2/2001 adopted May 17, 2001 by the Group of European Institutions for the protection of personal data gathered by the art. 29 of Directive 95/46/EC, in order to identify the minimal requirements to manage time, manner and type of collecting personal data on-line, regardless of the end of the link, the data controllers must supply users when they connect to web pages.

Owner and Location of data processing

The processing of data relating to internet services of this website takes place in Rome at the headquarters of DW – DreamyourMind Srl, Viale degli Ammiragli 114, and are made ​​by the technicians appointed to this task or any computer experts deputies to web sites updates. The data, however, are not disseminated in any way and / or transmitted to third parties.
All information and personal data that are provided by users and / or visitors are interested in receiving information, quotes and / or other material of any kind by the company are used only to complete the request received, and in any case are conveyed to third parties subjects only if this is functional to the request.
The holder of personal data processing on this website and that refer to companies, individuals and / or third parties both internal and external clearly identifiable is the Legal Representative of DW – DreamyourMind Srl, Viale degli Ammiragli 114, Rome (Italy).

Methods and Purposes of the data processing

Any personal data is processed only for the time needed to achieve the purposes for which it was collected. Specific security measures are used to prevent data loss and / or misused by unauthorized persons.
All Customers who operate through DW – DreamyourMind Srl, pursuant to the agreements entered into with the same and following the art. 13 of the Italian D.Lgs n. June 30, 2003, make available to the same society qualified informations that are communicated directly or through third parties via email, message, information, social media and / or verbally.
Compared to these data DW – DreamyourMind Srl informs that:
– The receipt and processing of the data is essential to carry out the requirements relating to the economic and contractual agreements, and a refusal to disclose may result in the inability to DW – DreamyourMind Srl starting a business and commercial relationship with that potential Customer.
– The data itself, considering the need for confidentiality of the same, will be processed by means of computerized and manual for the purposes of accounting, management, statistics, trade, fiscal, marketing and management of credit by demand, and finally to comply with any applicable legislation in the field.
– On its own data, it will be possible for the Customer who makes a request to exercise his/her/its rights, as set out in Article 7 of the Italian D.Lgs 196/2003. Holder of the treatment of data it will be DW – DreamyourMind Srl.

Rights of owners of personal data

All natural persons, legal persons and anyone else to whom you refer any personal information they have every right to get the confirmation of the possible presence and to know the origin and composition of the same datas, to integrate and / or modify them with new data different from the previous ones or eventually modify them if somehow wrong.
Interested parties also have the right to request the cancellation of the same data, their modification in anonymous mode or block them if this a violation of the terms of the law, or, finally, to oppose their treatment, according to art. 7 of the Italian D.Lgs n. 196/2003.
Each type of question and request about this has to be send to the owner of the data handling, at the headquarters of Viale degli Ammiragli 114, Rome (Italy).