Here is the material of the speakers on the actions carried out during the seminars, and the one proposed by the Observatory for the Technical Symposium and passing the final exam.


Seminars 2014 “The European Union and the challenge of elections 2014”

The seminars are held every Thursday from 15:00 to 18:00 in the Chamber Gini from 3 April 2014. The topics of the seminars will be the archittettura of European governance and the reform proposals of the same, monetary policy, the reforms undertaken so far from Brussels.

The material of the meetings will be progressively updated by the staff of the Observatory. For the posters and more information, see the box “events” on the homepage of this website.

It reminds all participants will be shortly added a document excel on the facebook page of the Observatory (European Observatory) in which participants will be asked to enter the group that represents a country, whose positions will then be defended in the Council . For those who does not have time to register in these two days, Thursday, April 10 during the seminars will be finalized the procedure.

Below is the list attached with the reference groups for the simulation of the European Council. The simulation will consist of a discussion between Heads of Delegation for issuing of three policy proposals for the reform of European governance. The theme chosen for this year is therefore the reform of European governance, on which all groups are called to reflection, contributing significantly to the work which will then be carried out by the Head of Delegation of the Council in the simulation. You will have to get to the simulation with a programmatic paper of three proposals that take into account the needs of the country assigned, which must be defended as a priority economic or political interests. These proposals will then be discussed in council by the Head of Delegation to arrive at a synthesis so common on governance reform.

For the material, in addition to that taken from this series of seminars, you can refer to the whole site of the European Observatory, as well as the free search of sources on the web. Among them we want to review the institutional portals of the Commission, the ECB and the Parliament, as well as detailed country reports set aside annually for each country by the European institutions.

Below, HERE, you can view the groups formed by the work of the seminars.

Wishing good luck to all, we refer to our email address for any questions about the job.

Material Seminars 2014

Material According seminar

Intervention Of Young

Speech Franzetti

Material Third seminar

Intervention Tridico

Intervention Ecochard


Seminars 2013 “The economic and financial crisis from 2007 to 2013”

The seminars are held every Thursday from 15:00 to 18:00 in the Chamber Gini, former faculty of Statistics. The theme of the seminar will be the economic and financial crisis, it declined in its many nuances.

Materials Seminar 2013

First Seminar, April 4 – “The causes of the financial and economic crisis”

intervention Prof. Lo Cicero

Second Seminar, April 11 – “Public Debt and Monetary Policy of the ECB”

paper 1 “Is the eurozone an optimal currency area?” M. Petreski, March 2007

paper 2 “The euro zone crisis. Its dimensions and implications”, Anand MR Gupta G.L. , R. Dash, Gennario 2012

article “How not to be a lender of last resort” by Paul De Grauwe, March 2012

intervention Prof. Nisticò

intervention Prof. De Arcangelis

Third Seminar, April 18 – “Financial globalization”

– Bibliographic reference 1: “The gèofinance” C. Goldfinger, Seuil 1986

– Bibliographic 2: “The geo-economic impact of financial relations with foreign countries”, Fulceri Bruni Rock

in Savona, Jean “Geo-economics”, Franco Angeli, 1997

paper 1: “The geofinanza” G. Tremonti Encyclopedia of the twentieth century, the Supplement

intervention Dr. Sergiani (geofinanza)

followed by the insertion of paper or other interventions


Seminars 2012 “European Union between immigration and integration”

Seminars will take place every Friday from 15.00 to 18.00 in Room Degrees, Faculty of Political Science. It ‘will be a workshop in the final phase of the seminars, which will address the issues discussed with the students.

Here you can download the registration form to be sent to the email Observatory: download form

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Material Seminars 2012

Seminar April 13, 2012 “Immigration and integration. Definitions and legal perspectives”

Globalization and Immigration: opportunity or conflicts? of U. Triulzi

Judgment Saadi


For the seminar of April 13, see also the following sites:

Seminar April 20, 2012 “Quo vadis, Europe? An analysis of migration flows”

Eight questions about brain drain

Migrant remittances

Which foreign official data on immigration in Italy: many challenges, priorities

Population and social conditions_Eurostat 2011

World Migration Report 2009 (only Part I)

Slides Prof. Giacomello_trends migratory


Seminars 2011 “European Union: energy policy and renewable sources”

The series of seminars focused on renewable energy, green economy, green jobs, cooperation in the Mediterranean area for the energy sector and on a study on the European design. Several seminars foresaw a final workshop in which to address and discuss with students the topics. Will be a final test for the allocation of credits.

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Allowed final test

Material Seminars 2011

Green Economy – (18/03/2011 – Prof.A.Polli)

Green Economy (18/03/2011 – Dr. A.De Lillo)

RES and Green Jobs (25/03/2011 – Prof. Emma Galli)

Renewables Deployment in the Mediterranean region: potential, Initiatives, critical factors (01/04/2011 – Ing. Roberto Vigotti)

The project cycle (14/04/2011 – Dr. G. Gouache)

Euro-design: potential and prospects (14/04/2011 – Dr. I. Toscano)

Designing European – technical aspects of project management (15/04/2011 – Ing. F.Barcellona)

Material Observatory 2011

Statement of the European Renewable Energy – Seminar 1 (assessment document and debate)

Renewable (depth document)

EU Directive (depth document)

Are green jobs real jobs? – 2 Seminar (document evaluation and debate)

Vigotti paper – 3 seminar (evaluation document and debate)

Aliboni paper – 3 seminar (evaluation document and debate)

Project Cycle Management Guidelines (European Commission 2004) [download]

Articles of Il Sole 24 Ore (Further reading):

“Because Italy does not grow 5 / Fail the goal of the great works” of 30.03.2011: link

The Europe Direct Information Centres in Italy


Seminars 2010“Europe: a blueprint for the future”

The topics covered by the series of seminars were: the Lisbon Treaty, environmental policy and energy policy of the European Union, E-government, youth mobility and an insight into the European projects. Each seminar included a final workshop where he was promoted a debate with students on the topics covered.

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Presentation 2009 “Yes We Europe”

Presentation held at the school’s Nomentano Rome for the election of the European Parliament. We tried to show high school students the reality of Europe and its history, the main changes taking place and the Treaty of Lisbon, the importance of voting for the European Parliament and the centrality of the European project.

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