Attached to the report of the Conference “Ursula Hirschmann, another way of being Europe”, held at the Institute Sturzo on January 26, 2015.

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Attached to the report of the Conference “The economic sovereignty after the crisis, the new governance of the euro area”, held at the headquarters of the Representation of the European Union on 5 December 2014.

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On 15 and 16 November there was the “Economics Forum” organized by Raise the fist-Eurotruffa, sponsored by ANCI, which was attended by several members of the territorial government and academics. The Observatory has been closely following the meeting and invites you to read the report of the conference.

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IAI, Centro Einaudi, Ubi Bank – Presentation of the report Deaglio 2013 “axis of balance”

On May 20 it was held the presentation of the new report on the global economy in 2013 and Italy by Professor Deaglio. Various famous personalities of the Italian economic and political landscape, including, in addition to the curator, also Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Fiorella Kostoris, Gian Enrico Rusconi, Stefano Silvestri. Below is the content of their speeches:

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IAI – Presentation of the book “Dying of Austerity” by Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

On May 7, 2013 took place the presentation of the book by Lorenzo Bini Smaghi at the conference room of Piazza Monte Citorio, a meeting organized by the IAI which was attended, besides the author, Giuliano Amato, Quagliariello, Ivan Lo Bello Ettore Greek and Antonio Polito. Below is the content of their speeches.

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AIAF conference – “Public debt in Italy, prospects for 2013”

The Italian Association of Financial Analysts (AIAF), active in the business sector, hosted at bank Finnat Dr. Cannata, head of the Italian II of debt management that has provided a guarantee of future past Italian public debt. The Observatory was there and what we propose here is an account of the meeting. At the end of the slides you will find a descriptive to a greater understanding of the jargon used by the various experts who have spoken. We wish you good reading. (Content: 12 slides).

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 IAI Mercury Papers

IAI helps to produce policy papers in the framework of the Mercury Project, funded by the European Commission in order to assess the European contribution to effective multilateralism through policies and strategies towards regional players, strategic partners and international organizations. We offer here some of the work that the Centre considers most significativi.Tutti jobs are in English.

The EU and Multilateralism in the Mediterranean: Energy and Migration Policy

and N. Colombo AbdelKhaliq

The Paper assesses the extent to which the European Union can be called “multilateral”, analyzing the action of the European Commission and the Member States in their relations with partner countries, international organizations and NGOs as regards the implementation of energy policies and migration in the Mediterranean. The paper concludes by examining the extent to which effective multilateralism can be defined, given the results of the EU’s commitments to these policies internally and externally.

The EU Neighbourhood and Comparative Modernization

Debnárová, V. Rihàckovà, S. Colombo, L. March

The document analyzes the role of the EU in promoting human rights and democracy (in particular: the support for political pluralism and the prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment) in neighboring countries, presenting three case studies: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova and Morocco. The aim of the paper is to assess whether the EU prefers an activity of a bilateral or multilateral basis and work, then, by examining three possible scenarios with regard to European action: the bilateral, multilateral action and the ” non-action “. The paper concludes that for various reasons, the EU rarely use the multilateral approach to achieve the objectives in these areas.


Presentation World Investment Report

During the processes of globalization and internationalization of enterprises, there was the presentation of the new UNCTAD report, which this year has the NEMS, ie “non-equity modalities” (how not equitable) of international production and lines of development.

Presents Dr. Richard Bolwijn, Economic Affair Office (UNCTAD).

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Presentation of the meeting “Europe and India: compete or collaborate?”

As part of the festival of diplomacy “Diplomacy in 2011” we were held the conference “Europe and India: compete or collaborate?”. On the agenda of the main geopolitical and geoeconomic issues concerning the relations between Europe and India. The European Observatory was there, and want to propose you the highlights of the meeting. Several speakers, including the Minister Saurab Kumar, representative of the Embassy of India in Italy.

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